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International Relocation

Every relocation has to face changes. We want you just to think about the basics. That's why the DMS HASENAUER+KOCH is offering you a multiplicity on services. Starting with efficient rearrangement over the packaging, the shipping and transport of your furniture up to their buildup in your new home: we take care of everything you don't want to take care.

A long time before the actual relocation takes place we take care of the necessary rearrangements. In our first counseling interview we inform ourself about your plant and equipment and the circumstances of the location. Our relocation checklist helps you with the early enough organization and arranging of appointments with workman, the rearrangement for authority visits and the publication of your new address. So nothing can be forgotten.

On the day of the relocation your plant and equipment is going to be packed by our expert staff. Therefore we use optimal and proper packaging materials. We also store fragile objects like glass and porcelain carefully and securely. Afterwards the routined DMS-team remove your furniture. If desired we can also renovate your old rooms and take care or their final cleaning. For the transportation and shipping we are able to revert to our well provided car pool. For each and every demand you can find the appropriate vehicle. When we have arrived at your new home we arrange your furniture in the way you have told us before (there is a DMS HASENAUER+KOCH form for your placement of furniture). We also plug in your electrical devices and make sure that they are working.

If you don't want to move in right away we can offer you our storage service. In our storage depot we have a lot of storage container in which you can store your objects unproblematicly and secure.

Please notice that our service is not just offered to private households. We relocate public authorities, businesses and objects. We also do household clearances.
By the way: If you want to do your relocation by your own, the DMS HASENAUER+KOCH team can provide you several building blocks if needed. You can rent a car with or without a driver or the packaging materials from us. Everything is possible. Please ask for an individual proposal for your relocation.

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