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Relocation To The USA

It doesn't matter if you have to move to the USA for professional reasons or just because you want to live in the USA: A relocation to the USA requires a lot of planning and experience. We have experience for decades in relocations to the USA and we'd be pleased to assist you with your relocation to the USA. Because of our worldwide network we can supply a smothly service for your relocation.

If you are in a hurry...

You want to get your relocation done trouble-free and quickly? We are looking forward to giving you a proposal. Our service also includes consulting and if you want, a call back for consultation. We can also arrange a noncommittal inspection. Through a good scheduling and prearrangement, problems and unnecessary costs can be avoided previously.

How can we help you? What is your request: - a proposals for your relocation to the USA - a call back Name: Phone Number: Address / Your message: "send"
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What can we offer for your relocation to the USA

Benefit from our experience for decades in relocations to the USA (as well as throughout the world), our well-coordinated team and the well-established network. Your satisfaction is very important to us. That's why we want to help you from the very beginning with your relocation, to keep it as easy as we can for you.

In our point of view there are several aspects for that:

Test us!

Following we would like to give you some information which show you a part of the aspects that have to be reconsidered with a relocation to the USA.

The length of time for a relocation to the USA

The duration for an airfreight is about 5-7 days.

The duration for a sea freight to the east coast is about 4-5 weeks, to the west coast about 5-7 and to the inland about 4-8 weeks. Before the loading of your relocation goods, the prearrangement for the customs has to be made. Only if all of the necessary documents and enclosures are existent, it can be ensured that your container will not be delayed - which means additional costs.

The information about the durations are based on our more than 30-year-long experience in relocations from Germany to the USA. The durations can vary as the case arises.

Helpful tips for your relocation to the USA

Your relocation goods are free of duty if the appropriate documents and a visa are existent.

Please notice that you already have entered the United States that the relief from customs duty can be made. You can get more detailed information from our consultants so you don't have to take the effort to look after updated information - that's what we are for.

110 and 240 Volt - electronic devices

A lot of the electronic devices (also see "What's not worth") can be run by a transformer. Those devices do have 50/60 Hz. It's possible that these devices run with a less performance (hair dryer turnes slower, light bulb shines dimly). With big household appliance the transport costs are worth a consideration. In rented apartments in the USA the household appliances are usually present!

Small appliances can be run by a voltage transformer from 110 to 240 Volt. The voltage transformer converts the voltage accordingly. For voltages up to 40 Watt you can get such transformer for 25 - 40 US-Dollars. Look after "Reverse Voltage Converter" on or "Spannungswandler 110 auf 240" on

Laptops are usually no problem - you just need a foreign adapter plug. On the power supply pack it should be writen "Input 100-240V, 50-60Hz"

Tip: Kitchen

A lot of apartments are appointed with a built-in kitchen.

Tip: Closets

Most bed rooms have a walk-in closet/wardrobe. So the transportation of your closet wouldn't make sense - the storing of that closet could cause problems.

Tip: Car

Because of strict regulations in the USA and a different exhaust emission standard it's not recommended to take your car with you. Both from Germany to USA and USA to Germany, the costs of transformation are usually extremely high.

What's not worth taking with you to the USA

Electronic devices which are bought in Germany that have a timer just like dryer, dish washer and washing machine need the european 50 hertz to start in time or even start. Ask your specialized store whether your electronic device is capable in the USA.

The American TV runs with a NTSC system. They are not compatible with the German PAL system. Some TVs support both systems - see the TV instruction manual regarding NTSC-compatiblity.

What you can expect from us

Benefit from the experience we have gained over the last 150 years. Out worldwide network of agents and our own overseas company OTB make it possible for us to oblige our customers wishes. Based on the personal counseling interview and checklists your demand can be identified and a relocation proposal can be made.

You can reach us

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to helping you with your relocation.

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