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DMS transports your objects and personal belongings all over the world. Due to our perfectly developed packaging system extreme routes of transport or extreme change of climate are no issue for us.

A special service by DMS: Over more than 25 years the specialist of DMS-International manage a smooth coordination for transportation abroad and overseas.

Due to close contacts to well chosen partners all over the world the DMS makes sure your moving items are delivered on schedule.

Whether transport has to take place by airplane or ship: The DMS knows the perfect route of transportation and the customs regulations of the respective country. Shortly said: the right route to the given destination.

Relocation overseas

Moving indeed brings trouble to your life. A relocation to a destination abroad needs an even wider prearrangement, especially regarding time and organization. What do I have to consider before moving with my whole household? Which government agency visits have to be made for sure?


Are your ID and passport valid? Maybe it is useful to get an international drivers license. Maybe you should get your documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, severely handicapped pass translated into the national language and to get it legalized by a public authority.

Without a gap: Recheck all your important documents to their completeness. If anything is missing e.g. certificate or report it is much easier to get a duplicate while you are in your home country than when you are abroad.

Attention: Since 1996 every drivers license which is issued in an EU-country is valid in the whole European Union. So don't exchange your German drivers license into a Spanish one. A Spanish drivers license is not unlimited valid and the older you get the more often you have to take a test to extend the validation.

Residence permit/Work permit/Visa

Citizen of a nation which is in the European Union are able to enter any other member state without special or bureaucratic formality. You just need a valid ID or passport. If you intend to stay no longer than three months you don't need a rsidence permit. Though some member states want you to register at a public authority.

Good to know: Inside the European Union citizen don't need a visa for entering a member state. Border control officer are not authorized to put a stamp in your passport which declares the entry to the country's territory. Evidence of means of subsistence must not be requested. Questions about how much money you are bringing into the country or the reason and length of your stay must not be answered. Only the validation of your ID or passport and the identification with the person can be controlled at the border.

EU citizen can work and form a company in the alliance without requesting a work permit. A residence permit is required which can be requested for five years and be extended after. Is the period of employment more than three months but less than a year a temporary residence permit is needed. Who doesn't have that temporary residence permit incurs a penalty.

Switzerland is not a member of the EU and different conditions apply regarding entry and of granting a residence permit. You can find important information here.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made a composition on countries which are not in the EU that need a visa for German citizens. Answers regarding questions about the grant of a work permit as well as explicit information about the country and culture are given by the relevant embassy or consulate.

Physical health

Recommended is a body-health check and check of your immunization protection by your general practitioner. You might also want to go to your dentist and get a prophylactic check.

Prevent: Take enough of your medicine which has to be taken regularly with you.

TIP: Get important disease records from your doctor and let them be translated.

Immunization: Explicit information about recommended immunizations particular countries give you the Tropical Institute Munich and the Center of Travel Medicine.


You already have good insurance policy? But does it make sense to pay your insurance from abroad, and when is it better to pay-up, defer or buy back your insurance policy?

For instance some personal liability insurances also offer compensation abroad but the service in an EU-country is normally restricted by three to five years.

It's more complicated when it comes to health insurances. Compulsory health insurance funds issue meetings of the service. Services by private health insurances abroad depend on the negotiated contract. It is for sure important to know the length of stay, the terms of employment, if the country of destination is in the European Union, which family members also have to be insured etc. We highly recommend a consultation with your insurance.

Decisions regarding life insurances have to be considered individually. Therefore a consultation with your insurance agent is necessary. Criteria for that are the rate of your monthly premiums, duration, since when you have the insurance and the surrender value.

Household contents insurance can be tendered notice of cancelation easily because the insured object drops out of the contract due to the relocation abroad.

TIP: Look over all your existing insurances and consult the insurance company or rather an expert. Make sure you are well insured for any adversity abroad.


We are specialized on transportations abroad and overseas. It doesn't matter for us how far we have to ship your goods. We take good care that they are securely tacked and well insured. Further more customs formalities are for us no difficulty.

Important: Probably customs applications for car, radio, tv, cameras, jewelry, articles of value, art collection or weapons are necessary. You can get information about these things from your DMS or the customs.

TIP: Make sure that it makes financially sense to move with your whole household; including your furniture, rugs, art pictures, kitchen, home appliances etc. Often it is more expensive to pay for the transport than to get a new household abroad. If your stay abroad is limited, it's worthy having your household stored in our DMS storage or with friends or relatives.


There is a services tax for removal transportations within the European Union.

Shopping before you move to a country outside the European Union are in some circumstances tax-free:

You can find further tips about tax regarding abroad relocation on (webpage is in German).


Veterinarian inform you about immunization for pets going abroad. The relevant embassy or consulate informs you about the import rules in the respective countries regarding pets as well as plants.

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